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Auroboros embodies the forward-thinking vision of Paula Sello and Alissa Aulbekova, an internationally awarded creative director duo,  leading the next-generation of fashion designers.

Auroboros is the first fashion house to merge science and technology with physical couture, as well as digital-only ready-to-wear. Creating a romantic premise for the near-future, our work stands for innovation, sustainability and immersive design. 

We seek to evolve the luxury industry into deeper dimensions - redefining how we imagine, design and affect clothing consumption. With this, we are shaping new discussions around the idea of a utopian future and its relationship to the human body.

Auroboros started off as artists at The Sarabande Foundation: Founded by Lee Alexander McQueen. 

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Auroboros is known for its pioneering approach to fashion and has received honourable recognition for being at the forefront of innovation, sustainability and immersive design.

Recently featured within the ‘Future Of’ series on Netflix, Auroboros has been highlighted by numerous internationally renowned media outlets, including Forbes, Vogue, Business of Fashion, WWD, The New York Times, CNN, and The Guardian. Spotlighted by SHOWstudio for 'democratising the fashion system' and described as 'shaping the fashion landscape' by CNN, Auroboros continues to garner acclaim accross the globe.

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Education, research and development are fundamental principles at Auroboros. We are proud and continue to be affiliated with numerous internationally-renowned educational establishments.

Via lectures and workshops, Auroboros encourages and educates the next generation of creatives to rethink and challenge the future. For enquires, please contact us.


What is Auroboros?

Auroboros is a visionary fashion house, native to the metaverse by merging science and technology to create physical couture and digital-only ready-to-wear. Founded by Alissa Aulbekova and Paula Sello, Auroboros stands for innovation, sustainability and immersive design.

How did the ‘Auroboros’ name come about?

Our brand name derives from the ancient alchemical symbol of the Ouroboros. The symbol depicts a snake devouring its own tail, representing a continuous cycle of rebirthing and reinvention, a concept which aligns with our ethos. By adding 'AU', ‘Auroboros’ is created. This element interlinks the founders' names, whilst also representing the chemical property of gold. The alchemists’ end goal was to turn any material into gold, reflecting the metaphorical driving force behind Auroboros.

How does Auroboros Digital Ready-To-Wear work?

Auroboros digital ready-to-wear collection presents a perfect solution against many fashion industry downfalls; allowing one to create without physical limitations and producing 97% less material waste than physical clothing production. With each piece individually digitally manipulated onto the wearer, digital clothing is truly all body and gender inclusive.

Can you explain the details behind Auroboros physical couture?

Auroboros’ physical couture are made-to-order wearable art pieces that incorporate material innovation to deliver our collectors a fashion experience like no other. Utilising cutting-edge science and tech intertwined with an otherworldly vision, Auroboros creates ground-breaking couture fit for the 21st century.

Vogue Italia and Vogue Singapore on Auroboros Biomimicry Couture.

Auroboros first collection ‘Biomimicry’

Our inaugural collection, ‘Biomimicry’, comprises the world's first real-time growing couture as well as digital-only ready-to-wear. Inspired by a vision of nature-tech across these two mediums, the ‘Biomimicry’ collection is inspired by merging the biological entities and processes found in nature with technology to solve environmental challenges and elevate the fashion experience. Debuting at London Fashion Week as the first digital-only collection to be presented at a major international fashion week, alongside showcasing our physical couture at the Victoria and Albert Museum, the ‘Biomimicry’ collection has received wide-spread acclaim from Vogue, Forbes and The Business of Fashion for it’s innovation. Through this dual model of creating for both physical and digital worlds, Auroboros ensures all products align with the brand ethos of sustainability and immersive design.

How is Auroboros imagining the future of fashion?

Auroboros envisions a utopian future fashion landscape, where its ways of designing, producing and consuming fashion to a system which is not only more exciting and immersive, but conscious of our planet. We see ourselves as leading the way in embracing technological change, producing a purely digital high end collections to design without limits with zero material waste.

How is the interplay with the blockchain shaping the fashion industry?

At Auroboros, we are huge advocates of technology, viewing technological innovation as providing solutions to many of the issues that the fashion industry faces. We believe blockchain will shape the industry as a tool for digitally recording a narrative for each garment, tracking where it came from, who made it, who sold it and beyond. It will enable us to hold companies accountable for what they produce ensuring the circularity of garments are considered.

Will the future of fashion be decentralized?

We see the future of fashion in the virtual realm as being decentralized, as we are building the metaverse together. What makes the landscape so exciting is that we all have a say in how it will operate. Digital technologies have allowed us to all become creators and curators and we believe the fashion sphere within the metaverse should follow this, as an inclusive and creatively limitless space.

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